March Foods latest news

In an every-changing market, we like to keep up to date. Read on to find out what we have been up to.

NEW equipment excitement

For 2020 we are excited to be welcoming not one, but twonew pieces of equipment:

  • New liquid stick machine
  • New doy machine

NEW equipment excitement

In late 2019 we welcomed an exciting new piece of equipment to our every growing repertoire:

  • New reel fed doy machine

With this new bit of kit, we will be able to expand our range of offerings to continuously add value to the services we offer our clients.

WELL DONE to us!

In Q4 March Foods were awarded the ‘Blue Standard’. The highest level of manufacturing standards awards.

The Blue Standard was created to provide the highest level of requirements to which manufacturers must comply with in order to supply one of the UK leading retailers.

NEW equipment excitement

In mid 2019 we made the smart eco decision to invest in brand new:

  • Fully recyclable thermo form machine
  • Stick pack machine
  • Reel feed Doy Machine

Allowing us to offer a recyclable option in both formats


We continue to attain the highest standard achievable for BRC Global Standards in food safety: 

  • AA++ Certified

…by making food safety and quality our top priorities.