Doy Packs

Doy packs are becoming an increasingly popular packaging format. These flexible stand up pouches are ideally suited to, drinks, sauces and dressings. At March Foods we specialise filling doys in a wide range of different products. We have the capability of filling packs up to 500ml and in sizes ranging from 80-150mm (width), 100-300mm (length). Advantages of packing your product into doys include:

  • Easy to store ambient, chilled or frozen
  • Can be squeezed flat to evacuate the product
  • Good shelf life can be achieved with a number of barrier’s available
  • The product can be displayed in an upright position
  • Large surface area for printing
  • Possibility of a re-closable zipper or a re-sealable cap
  • A price lower than that of alternative packaging systems

At March Foods our sales team can guide you through all of the doy options available to ensure your product is packaged in the most effective way for you.

doy packs Doy Packs TGI350
doy packs Doy Packs Dailys350
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